Unlimited Strikes


Yep, so at present, I’ll be using co-dydramol and ibuprofen whilst in Paris.  Except the Ibuprofen should be off the menu because of the asthma.  But this could all change for a number of reasons.  The most current reason is the fact I’m back at A&E.  I’ve taken myself back to my birthplace to try and get to the bottom as to why my foot is swollen and the muscle feels no better.  I’d like to get a clearer picture; even if it’s only a reassuring first x-ray.  The difference between before and after work Casualty is immense.  Before, there were five of us, including the staff.  Now, there’s around forty people waiting to be seen.  And it looks like less staff.  I know we all have our priority but I need to know if I’m still going to be okay for Paris. 

Which leads me to the second part of this frictitious episode.  The girlfriend.  A huge barney between us just before she left to go back home for medical testing.  I’m not sure if I told you before – I’m making it a habit of not looking beyond the last line of the last entry – she’s actually French.  Not from Paris but from (I’m told) more sunny climes; Marseille in the south.  However, she works in Paris sometimes and that’s how I’ve gotten involved with the love affair.  Of Paris.  I’m still loving Ibiza more.  She will always be my one true love.  Ibiza.  But Paris has overtaken such beauties as Cardiff, Bath and Brighton, as well as some not so conventional lovelies – Westcliff, Canvey Island and Reading.  I still quite like Windsor but I’ve not been there for far too long.  So, not wanting to divulge the reasons or details of the tête-à-tête, let’s just say it’s taken some hard work on my behalf to get her talking to me, let alone being civil.  This whole Paris trip originally hinged on her allowing me to stay with her in her hotel.  She’s going there during the day on a Wednesday, returning Friday.  I, originally, was catching an afternoon train on the Thursday and coming back with her on Friday. 

As I say to my boys, “wa wa”.  No relationship, no accommodation.  Yet my tickets were paid for and I am desperate to get to Paris this year; habit and educationally creative inspiration.  I figure it’s better to spend money I don’t have than to waste what’s already been spent.  Yep, that’s another reason why my finances are emptier than the Metro during the French unlimited strikes of ’19.  And these strikes have arrived at Eurostar.  It now means my outward train has been cancelled.  I am faced with the choice of a partial refund/exchange or full refund/exchange.  I don’t see the point in keeping my return journey if I’m unable to get there so I simply requested for a full refund whilst cancelling the hotel I’d since booked. 

And just like that, Paris was now off the menu.  Which not only made me sad, but also put me in the awkwardly new position of the ex/current/renewed/remaining girlfriend wanting me to go to Paris to be with her. 

This is where I investigated many options over many hours to how this could be done.  Because there’s no way I’m not going to Paris in 2019.  

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