A Master in Mastering My Masters


It was a strange event.  I was showering myself down when I decided that, despite my infatuation with mechanical keys, I would decline the discounted offer I had received for the discounted purchase of a Freewrite machine.  It pained me.  Extensively.  For many an evening.  I have since decided that I shall use the Sprinter website with cloud storage straight to my Evernote account.  My little tablet/keyboard is sufficient and there’s a tiny element of mechanical keyboard taking place which is also sufficient enough to calm my desires.

Gare de l’Est – Platform 15

What’s more, I have even formed a basic structure of inclusion for my writings.  I wasn’t sure which direction this book would take – a diary of my trips to Paris would only truly happen when events allowed my travels and anything to note enveloping the window of time either side of my journeys.  So, not very exciting if my trips happen once a year.  Which is the norm for the time being.  And that is certainly not enough to fulfil a final piece for my final assignment for my final study for my final qualification.

So, the diary will now become more of a study surrounding Paris (obviously including Au Père Tranquille) but other personal links that will somehow draw back to Paris and any connections that I can make.  And whilst this is originally meant for my Masters, I have a huge feeling that I shall continue with this long after my certificate is on my wall and the letters are appearing after my name.

Which brings me somewhat nicely onto my epiphany moment.  The title.  Yes, I have An Englishman in Paris, but that is more for the assignment.  A little spin on the Police song, An Englishman in New York, combined with the musical, An American in Paris.  Either way, it’s a very lethargic title for a piece.  Yes, it took me a little while to come up with, yet there’s no spark to it.  There’s simply not enough me in it.  Which is why, now, I’m going to think about including mini titles per entry.  I don’t know if this will either work or happen, but only during the editing process will I find out.  Maybe going forward, or once I’ve finished, this little paragraph will have to be altered in some way to reflect such a thing. 

This is only a part of the title revelation.  The main and initial part of the epiphany – the Epiph, if you will.  I had rinsed the Palmer’s Natural Fusions micellar rose water clarifying cleanser shampoo out of my short, shaven hair and as my hands fell to my side, the water now bouncing off my neck, it came to me.  The actual title of the main piece of work.  It is included as a sub-title for this piece and once my course is finished, I shall swap them over.  However, as both the editing process and the writing process, are still in motion, I shall make a note of it here.  The title of my second book (even if I convert these writings to a blog first – like Marley and Me) shall be A Master In Mastering My Masters.  Very much more me.

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