Draw a line under it!

27/03/21 07:04

Yesterday was payday for the office.  However, because I bank with Monzo, I get my salary the day before at 1600.  Some people believe it’s an amazing thing, to be paid early.  It means two things in honesty.  Firstly, I don’t get paid early in real terms; I still have to wait a month until the next pay day.  It benefits me if I’m going out that evening.  Which isn’t strictly true.  This leads me to the second point.  Because I get paid early, I’m able to do things sooner like order my tickets on the Eurostar.  For the late August Bank Holiday.  And the first week of December.  Yes, that’s right.  I underlined something.

I know for the blog, the underlining will appear, and I recall underlining the titles for chapters in my first book – written under a different pseudonym.  But a) how would I underline on a typewriter manuscript, and b) how does the Freewrite Traveler underline?  I’m thinking that for the typewriter it may be a case of having to return the carriage a few spaces and underscore.  Similar to creating an exclamation mark.  I didn’t know that in the olden days, they had to be created manually.  It was executed by performing an apostrophe ‘ backspacing and then adding a full stop . thereby creating ! which will look weird on a screen today as well as in this notebook and any subsequent paper manifestation of this book.

Over the past month or so, I have ended up upgrading my technology again.  I succumbed to the devilment that is an iPad.  I’m honestly not sure why.  It may be an Instagram page that I follow of a psychology student that shows us her study space using one.  She’s not an influencer, simply takes nice photos and lets us into her academic progress.  It’s the kind of thing I had wanted to do eight years ago but had neither the staying power, nor the technology.  These days, it’s a little different.  I’m almost keeping up to date with my progress and progression through the journey of not only my final year of the Master’s but also, I guess, the journey of the book.

And here comes another problem.  Every time I have to do a little digging around for an assignment, my thoughts of the final Open University piece of work, and therefore the book, change.  Yes, I’m now heavily overwhelmed by Hemingway.  That’s not why I bought the Apple Pencil, 2nd generation.  I bought that because I’m (probably over-) editing photos on the iPad for Instagram.  But the new tricolour watermark is impressive.  The only problem is now that I have an additional web address, I think I should alter it.  I simply don’t recall where I created the on-line watermark. 

More historical digging required.

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