Feeling Regular or a Regular Feeling



I’ve forgotten what a regular Thursday feels like.  I’ve been in Lockdown for so long.  Being around people does still seem a little weird.  I’ve been to Wetherspoons, Costa and well, that’s sort of it.  But here I am, staying in a holiday village, sitting in their bar and writing.  Not for my Masters, not even particularly for the blog, either.  Simply for the joy of writing.  I’m using the green fountain pen and green ink, sipping Orangina and feeling exhausted.  This holiday hasn’t been stressful, but it’s not been relaxing, either.  Not that it bothers me.  Not really.  Okay, just a little bit.

In just over three weeks, I’ll be running 13 miles in the opposite direction to that of which I’ll running in just over nine weeks.  And then adding another thirteen miles on top of that.  My training has been sporadic, to say the least.  My weight has increased – and not through muscle gain.  I know I don’t have enough time to turn it around, so I have to just hope that I’ll manage to survive, mentally and physically.    I’m possibly off to a Latin dance event the day prior to the half marathon.  Latin dance will actually be Salsa and Bachata.  And it’ll be with the boys.  I have no idea what time that will finish but I need to be up early the following day to try and get my medal.  I’m aiming for three this year.  I already have the 10k one and this half marathon is an unexpected entry from an email I received from the organisers of the main event.  It said I’ll get a medal, so I applied and got accepted.  The proper full London marathon is in aid of the Stroke Association that I have a personal affinity to.

And the fact I have to run 40 miles (plus training) is the reason I treated myself to a pair of new New Balance trainers.  I know I’ll get through the full marathon, whether it be running or walking I’m unsure of.  The psychological and physical aftereffects will be immense.  Especially as the week leading up to it will see me handing in my final assignment for this MA.  The day of the long run is my mum’s 70th birthday so I’m seeing her the day before.  I’m looking at making that a fairly early evening.

The coincidental connection to both runs?  Not only am I busy the day before but the following week sees me heading off on a break.  The week after the half marathon I’m off to Paris to gain material for the final assignment.  The Saturday following the London marathon has me on the Jet2 plane to Ibiza to gain some much-needed rest from study and also the training for the runs.  I’m subjecting my mind and body to a lot of torture but I know the end results – whilst providing very little material reward – will be an immense personal gain and achievement.  Self-belief got me through a turbulent, troublesome, tumultuous, transitional transmogrification.  It also got me a thesaurus.

Maybe this is a regular Thursday, after all.

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