My Paris Reading List

29/03/22 12:50 

With only 2 more sleeps until I wake up exceptionally excited and only marginally earlier than usual, I thought I’d take a few minutes to do some writing for the blog.  I’m heading to the 13th on Thursday and have to say, I’m incredibly excited.  I’ve managed to train enough for the marathon to not feel like I’ve wasted the time and equally important but miles more impressive is the fact that I’ve kept the Moulin Rouge a secret from Nev for so long! 

I’ve nearly finished my current reading book, The Insider’s Guide to Paris by Kate Muir and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the read.  Short, sharp chapters convey a wide range of topics without getting too involved in the historical aspects.  It’s a similar read to The White Island by Stephen Armstrong, only with shorter chapters.  I still don’t know how much of these books are more creative than nonfiction but by not worrying too much about whether the places were visited or the people met, they both lend insights into their respective location, Paris and Ibiza.  Whilst both places are firmly in my heart, I’ve not once thought about writing regarding Ibiza. 

I’ve been packed since Sunday and despite repacking and even removing some of my clothes, I still don’t have much space left for souvenirs and the obligatory bottles of sirop de menthe et grenadine.  I may just pop them in a Monoprix bag that I’ll feel compelled to purchase in order to feel like a resident.  I don’t really have much to do this time around.  Well, in terms of research for the book.  I’m going to make notes about the aeration process but that’s sort of it.  I’ve earmarked some locations that I’d like to visit but these aren’t vastly essential.  I do want to pop back to the Mosqueé but also try a new salon de thé – I’m not particularly fussed which one. 

I have got a new phone.  It’s the iPhone 13 Mini, supplied by work but with my personal SIM card inside.  I’ve not seen if it fits inside my running vest holder or not but I’ll still have my old XR with me, just in case.  Freetrain did supply a rubber outer originally to aid with smaller phones in their vest so I’ll make sure to pack that, too.  As well as that little pin to swap SIM cards, should I be required to do so.  I’ll still not be taking any photos during the run, but I’ve route mp so any trip (or many trips) will cover that. 

Twenty pages left of Muir’s book which will hopefully be finished by Wednesday night so I get to take my next book with me – I’ve already finished The Flaneur by Edmund White, so I’ll probably pack The Greatest Street in Paris (by Elaine Sciolino).  There are a few other books left for me to read without taking notes, allowing me to read for both pleasure and inspirational motivation.  I do still have The Seven Ages of Paris to continue through but that’s a learning book, rather than one for downtime. 

Tonight’s visit to the pub will be the last one with the wooden box until my return.  And with a bit of good fortune, my Banana Print business cards and stickers will be here in a day or two.  I’ll wait for quite a piece of peace and quiet before attaching a sticker to the lid. 

I’ll also be topping up the fountain pens and making sure my next entry is with the green ink.  No reason other than aesthetics for this notebook; of which there’s still two-thirds remaining.  I’ll pack the full trilogy of notebooks in case there’s a photo opportunity in l’hôtel des Ecrivains. 

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