More plans to ignore

04/07/22 19:58 

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, in this notebook, A Preamble to an Amble Ramble.  A whole heap of things have taken place in the real world.  I’m not sure if some people are interested in the Russia-Ukraine war anymore.  The headlines are instead filled with the American decision to allow the outlawing of abortions in its states.  We’re also filled with the UK politicians being arseholes again/still.  I’ve no idea what’s happening with Brexit anymore and the pandemic is continuing with new variants and scare statistics but it looks like nothing new is really worth reporting. 

In my world, I’ve been cracking on, rather slowly, with the nonfiction book as well as attempting to get the blog and Insta up to date.  It’s a slow process.  I’ve also been trying to train for the trio of races next year.  We’ve decided that the boys will be with us for the half, Nev will have the full to herself and she’ll join me for the 10k in June, as she gets her first Parisian medal (hopefully they’re doing medals otherwise I’ll be extremely pissed as it means that my idea of the dual-medalled accomplishments – us both having 10k medals – will be destroyed and essentially, the 2023 runs won’t have been worth it).  

What has been worth it, is the purchase of new bottled inks as well as cartridges from Cult Pens.  My go-to online shop has served me well over the years.  And this time (aside from a good deal on Amazon for three mini Papermate cartridge pens), I’ve hit the jackpot.  But more on this in the next entry.  However, for this entry, I can tell you that I’ve decided – after talks with Nev – the direction that this is all headed. 

Rather than spend my money on a new bag to help reduce my carrying weight, I’ve returned to the writing bag from Paris (for now at least).  In this bag, is one of my new notebooks.  Ordered in a set of tricolor colours, I’ll be using these to write the final work of the trilogy.  I’m not really finished with the title decisions; I’ve a long time to wait, but these are my new notebook titles that I’ve used.  So, for the sake of documenting everything from failure to postponed failure and further, A Master in Mastering My Masters was the beginning of the blog entries.  This has continued with A Preamble to an Amble Ramble.  Next comes Désolé, Je Suis Anglais.  The nonfiction book – that whilst I’m enjoying writing, it’s not truly what I was aiming for.  I’m predominantly writing that in Wetherspoons on sporadic Thursdays.  Which is also their curry night.  A huge ton of research and large paragraphs in an A4 pad.  But it’s fun.  Just not what I had envisaged writing.  Nor reading.  The research is too long-winded, albeit interesting.  There is no story, no direction, which, whilst is usually my style, I wanted a different feel for the masterpiece.  And that’s why I’m going to start the final book.  It’ll be a possible mixture of the first two.  A nice way to blend my styles and my work, showcasing my talent.  That’s what I decided I’d pitch it as.  This will begin in Tu Manges L’Orange, carry on to Oú Sont Les Garçons? and continue through to Je Voudrais Deux Billets S’il Vous Plait

I’ve been reading a load of books.  I know I bought a load, but I honestly didn’t think I’d actually be reading them.  They’ve been quite good, actually.  Some I connect with more than others, but nonetheless, it’s nice to get a feel for what’s out there.  I’ve sort of been making mental notes of what it is I don’t want to do with the third book and I’ve also been getting ideas on how to properly write it.  There’s no plan other than to make it a creative nonfiction book. 

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