Christmas Day, 2022

25/12/22 22:13 

Conventionally, today is Christmas.  Tomorrow is Daddy’s Christmas Day as it has been for quite a few years, now.  All it means is that I get a day off work and am afforded a lay-in.  So today, I got up about half-eight and then went to the laptop in order to subscribe to the Xbox Ultimate Pass for my boys – it’s to do with them needing the cloud and remote access for their Backbone controllers that I bought them for Christmas. 

Once I’d completed the task – adding the subscription costs to my O2 bill – I put on my running gear and proceeded to run a big 11.5 mile circle.  It was a quiet run but there were some hills and inclines that took their toll on my thighs.  It’s all part Og the training for marathons, I guess.  It wasn’t a particularly fast one today but I left the Alexa playing France Bleu Nord so that I could then auto-Shazam picking up the Christmas Day playlist that I’ll incorporate with the other French music we hear next week in Paris.  Talking of which, there was a shooting in the 10th, two days back.  They caught the 69-year-old, released repeat offender; sadly three are dead and the Kurds aren’t happy.  

Luckily for me, the kebab shop owners were still serving otherwise there would’ve been no Christmas lunch, today. 

I’d set up an Instagram post for today which I actually posted at midnight, rather than midday, as planned.  On it, I had my Spotify breakdown for the year.  It highlighted that I’d spent 2,125 minutes listening to my top podcast, The Earful Tower.  The podcast is truly amazing for me.  The host, Oliver Gee, is an Australian living in Paris with his wife and son.  He’s gone from a humble start to a large following and he rightly deserves it.  This is the sort of thing that I’d love to have.  He interviews his guests, goes around investigating Paris (old and new) and shares his passion with the listening public.  Given the right set of circumstances, I could do it – but I’m neither ambitious enough nor am I in the right place for it, yet.  Whilst my book has stopped, I’ve only just restarted writing for the blog again, as well as slowly updating the ‘podcast’ and Instagram posts.  I think I need to buckle down, do it and carry on.  Making it a continual hobby, rather than the habit it was becoming. 

So, to conclude this Daddy’s Christmas Day Eve entry, I’m going to finish drinking my Get27 and lemonade, then turn off my mechanical keyboard that is plugged into the iPad and settle down for the night.  And yes, the keyboard was my present to myself for Chrimbo.  Consider it my company bonus… 

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