Old School and Technology

31/03/22 08:22 

I got home from work last night, spoke to my eldest on a FaceTime screen share and sorted out his problem with a TikTok shop purchase.  He’d forgotten to put my door number on the address that he’d provided.  It was once we’d finished talking that I decided to finish Kate Muir’s book and pick up on my most recent task; The Only Street in Paris by Elaine Sciolino.  From a Scotswoman to an American. We shall see. 

I’m now sat on the 0801 to Paris in seat 62, coach 5.  It’s a smarter carriage without the extra flap for the leg.  Instead, one merely slips forward at the pull of a handle.  The table remains the same but the plug is a whole lot easier to reach as it’s placed in between the seats, under the moveable arm rest.  I’ve not used it yet as the table at the station allowed me to plug in my MagSafe charger on the iPhone 13 mini.  I’ve been waiting for this technology for a while now. There’s still no sign of ‘sending’ power from phone to phone, though.  We’re getting better with throwing power and this could truly be the way forward for electric vehicles to obtain power in the future years.   

The queue at the station went rather quick.  I even got through security with my belt on and no bleeps.  Again, sworn declaration was ignored – what would they do if they discovered somebody had lied?  Moving on from the less-restricted UK (I’m not even sure what restrictions we have in place anymore) we have to continue with the facemasks on French public transport, hospitals and care homes.  Big sporting events require them, too.  I believe the Pass Sanitaire is shortly coming to an end but we had to show our proof of vaccination at the border. 

In the world at large, Russia are slowly retreating from Ukraine amid a large defensive effort from the home team.  Amazing effort and it shows how under-estimated people can be.  The global lorry crisis is nearly over and fuel in the UK has been restored to a huge all-time high price, even with the 5% duty cut.  Brexit doesn’t appear to have had too much of an effect on things; paperwork is still remaining to be a nightmare. 

Tonight is parent’s evening at the boys’ school.  I’ll try and find out how it went before spending the evening at the Moulin Rouge. 

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