Can you hear the singing?

06/04/22 12:38 

And just like that it’s all over.  The Paris marathon, the marathon de Paris, 2022.  And what an amazing experience it was.  The entire trip was different to previous ones.  Yes, I went to Sacre Coeur but that was simply to accommodate Nev’s visit to see the show at the Moulin Rouge – a little later than expected but only by four months.  And that was quite possibly the most touristic we were on this occasion.  From the off, we were locals.  We took the Metro to the hôtel des Ecrivains before going on a little marche around the area, ending up with a glass or two of mint tea at the Mosquée de Paris.  This then took us to wander around the actual mosque before heading back to the hotel to get changed for the surprise show.  Upon walking around Sacre Coeur, we ended up spending three hours in a bistro/restaurant (this is a planned chapter in the book, explaining the differences between them all) and then the gentle walk to boulevard de Clichy and the most famous windmill in the world. 

The whole experience surrounding the Paris marathon has been superb.  From signing up, to the expo, to the run and finishing with the speed of the result landing on my phone; for me, a hugely respectable 04:47:55, London was 05:43:14.  The difference between the two marathons, from start to finish, in terms of organisation and my personal journey will also be another chapter in the book.  I know I’ve still only written three pages, but the ideas are flowing so much quicker these days.  Which is nice.  Especially as I may have two more trips to Paris lined up for this year, but nothing in concrete, yet.  I need to get my funds in order, first. 

And talking of getting things in order, I need to get back to blogging and the ‘Gram.  I’ve slipped quite a bit this year but I think I’ll be getting to grips now that there’s a little more routine in my life – aside from this week whereby my boys are with me.  And a little rugby tour to the Isle of Wight in two and a half weeks (more money).  On the plus side, the blog writing has slowed down – it seems I have neither the space nor the time whilst away or at work.  Yes, this is my lunch break and my protein shake means I can write rather than eat, but whilst at home, I tend to unwind on the Xbox during my time away from the laptop. 

These quick little entries should actually help me get up to date quicker as they are short and sweet.  Instagram is a little more difficult as I constantly want to supply information for each photo I post but I may slowly reduce the amount of research for each picture and put that into a page of A4 for the book.  That’s the coffee-table book.  I’m still exceptionally excited for the (nonfiction) book and all the new topics that keep popping up.  Things such as the Metro system, KFC, front doors, lunch, breakfasts and croquettes.  Oh, and mobile internet speeds.  We seem to win with broadband speeds in England but using my mobile on the Metro with speeds faster than my home broadband is absolutely ridiculous.  But amazing to witness. 

So, my lunch break is coming to an end now and I’ll be taking the final Doliprane for what I suspect will be this whole recuperation process.  Running the entire marathon was one heck of an achievement for me – the most I had run prior was 14 miles – but the recovery seems to be a much more impressive feat.  Thank you Nev for massaging my thighs and letting me put my feet up on the wall.  Much appreciation to my very own short and sweet girlfriend. 

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