The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King

09/09/22 21:53 

It’s now been more than 24 hours since we lost our queen and King Charles III took charge of the country and commonwealth.  It’s actually a huge deal as now we’ve lost our last remaining constant.  And not only do we have a king, but we’ve another female prime minister running the country.  Without going political, she has to sort out the exchange rate, the straggling parts of Brexit and also work alongside a new monarch. 

Not the notebook I was using

In my world of Paris, Instagram blogs and writing, I’m now enrolled in the Semi de Paris.  Which means that I really need to buckle down and get my skates one.  Well, my running shoes.  I’m planning on visiting the London Marathon Expo at Excel to get new shoes.  As long as they’re on a special deal.  Although I’ve got my eye on a special brand that I want to try out.  The half marathon app has a training run that expires in 2 days.  Hopefully, after rugby, I’ll be able to give it a go.  I have 176 days until the real thing.  I’ve still got to talk to the boys’ new headmasters but that’s a different battle.  And two schools, now.  Two schools that I attended at their age.  I’m hoping they learn from my mistakes and do education properly the first time around.  Only time will tell. 

I’ve pre-booked the hotels for Christmas, March and now April.  And as a result of a podcast that I listened to a few days back, I may be taking Nev on a day trip to Reims in the Champagne region.  But nothing is set in stone yet.  It’s not like the Moulin Rouge.  We may wait until we have a few days to ourselves and make a special trip of it.  She also wants to visit Bordeaux.  Whilst neither of these places are Paris, I guess I should extend my French horizons.  If only for a compare and contrast kind of chapter for the book.  And for the book, I’ve finally decided I’m simply going to do story-telling for the chapters.  I need to inject more of myself into my writing.  That’s something I can’t do at the moment as work is pretty much destroying my soul.  I’m slowly standing up for myself and talking back to the MD, letting him know that I’m good enough to rely on.  Yes, I’m still making mistakes but the majority of these are down to pressure from external sources, interference and inadequate staff.  And staffing levels. 

I’ve stopped reading as well.  This is mainly through tiredity and playing Fortnite on the Xbox to clear my mind.  But it’ll all slowly fall back into place once I start training again.  The same as my writings. 

I’ve prepped three Instagram posts – I enjoy the research side of these and wish I could filter them into either of my books.  I’ve only got about 15 pages left of this notebook, A Preamble to an Amble Ramble.  I think I’ve still got three spares left so I don’t need to worry about new titles, just yet.  Whilst needing to look at the title of this notebook for this entry, I had to pull the front cover out of the leather holder. In doing so, I found a serviette from Au Père Tranquille.  Which technically matches the sugar sachet in my pencil case.  Which is technically a pen tin.  I’ve been using a fibre-tip pen for the storybook.  It’s a lovely writer from Sainsbury’s that Nev bought me on August Bank Holiday after the Brazilian dinner in Romford.  It’s weird not using a fountain pen but because of the wet ink, there’s not much difference. 

Which is how it feels having a new king and a new prime minister. 

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