The Secretive Alchemic Appointment

15/09/22 14:38 

Sitting in The Alchemist, just off City Road sipping my pint of blackcurrant and Coke (£4.05) and I’m about half an hour early for my appointment at Haptic Chiropractors.  Not such a big issue except I’m meant to be working.  Appointments are appointments and it appears that the Tube is back up and running at full speed again.  A combination of the expired heatwave and the Queen lying in wait before her final service in 4 days’ time. 

If I could manage to view my laptop screen better – I have multiple windows open on the 14” screen and can barely see any of them at the best of times – I’d quite possibly come up here and work.  It’s a nice, chilled ambiance with what appears to be copper tabletops and generally high stools.  Probably no good for Nev.  I’m making the most of this unexpected respite as work has been full on, these past few months ad exercise has been non-existent in the grand scheme of things.  Hopefully next week I can get back to kind of ill-fated normality.  Especially with less than 200 days to go before the Marathon de Paris.  Again, time isn’t my worry, I simply want to complete the course and gain my medal and t-shirt.  Again.  But running it all would be nice.  Again.  Especially as it’s my last one.  Again. 

I’ve also (again) finally (again) decided on the set-up of the book (again).  I’m going to make each chapter an essay on the various parts of Paris that I want to cover.  It’s my way of giving a metaphorical nod to the literary pleaser of Umberto Eco.  The chapters will no doubt vary in length, style, research and self-imparted love.  But they’ll be done.  In my own way,  Unless I’m emulating an author on purpose.  That would be in terms of satire, adoration, exaggeration or exasperation.  Except that I’m not that good at my own style, let alone a world-famous million seller author of authoritative stature. 

And I’ll be using different coloured BIC Intensity Fine Felt Tip Pens for each chapter.  It’ll help me keep check of what’s going on as well as create that little differentiation between blog and book.  A new collection in the making.  At least they’re cheaper than fountain pens.  Even though these are BIC pens, they’re not made in France.  It’s okay, though; I’ll check Monoprix in December to see what I can get that’s a little more French from BIC.  Even if it’s only the point of sale. 

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